Re-visiting the secret power of block fomatting context

Recently I did a quick talk at Sydney Web Apps meetup about block formatting context, focusing on how it changes the way it interacts with floated elements. I first learnt about this “secret weapon” via Nicole’s blogpost but it wasn’t until recently that I really understood how useful it is. In my talk I talked about how we use this technique in the OOCSS open source project, using media block, grid and template as examples in my slides.

Presenting at Sydney Web Apps meetup

P.S. Feels rather weird to hear and see myself on video! *cringe*



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3 responses to “Re-visiting the secret power of block fomatting context”

  1. Theo Avatar

    Great slideshow, any possibility to hear/see the talk?

    1. Fiona Chan Avatar

      Thanks Theo! Glad you liked the slideshow. You can find the video here:

  2. Theo Avatar

    Thank you very much for the link Fiona. Great talk – simple and effective!