Video, Yahoo!s latest performance breakthroughs, or — I’m famous!

Well, not quite. ;) But I am pleased with the results. Who would have thought that the shy girl who almost failed a public speaking course at university would turn out to really enjoy presenting. Turns out I only like speaking about geeky things, preferably to geeks. A limitation perhaps, but far less limiting than nearly peeing myself with fear in college. No, not literally.

Anyway, check it out. It is jam packed with brand new performance ideas to make your site fly.

3 thoughts on “Video, Yahoo!s latest performance breakthroughs, or — I’m famous!”

  1. nice and informative talk and I should say you are pretty darn good @ public speaking, I am impressed :).

    I guess it boils down to talking about stuff you like and care about that makes it easier compared to forced talk on topics.

  2. I really do have fun at it — the more fun, the better the audience seems to respond. Makes sense, but I wasn’t capable of it at 18 years old. ;)

    On the other hand, after presenting almost all day every day in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore the last two weeks, I was so tired I could barely make sentences. And seriously sick of the sound of my own voice!

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