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Red Bed Bug on an aqua background  that looks as scary as they feel.One of our neighbors moved out rather uneventfully a few months after his wife left him and his apartment had begun to stink through the floor of cigarettes. A few times a little drunk in the elevator with strange women and poof he was gone.

Hugo was convinced it was mosquitos. One doctor was convinced it was allergies. Another said it looked like crawling bugs because the welts were in lines, something we would later learn is called “breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” I wish I had believed him, but for a doctor he talked too much about porn, and didn’t charge me. Maybe I’m still too American to understand healthcare that isn’t about raking in the cash.

Several months later I was crying all the time, I itched so badly and my back looked like I had been beaten with one of Mason’s late night creations. Hugo wasn’t going to take action, he was still playing the mosquito bite card, until I started talking about moving away. Let the bugs have the place, I reasoned (lets give me the benefit of the doubt and just say I was being reasonable), clearly we are outnumbered. Finally, another neighbor happened to mention that the man who moved out might possibly have had an issue with bugs.

That’s when we called A.B.A.C. Nettoyage, who sent their insect technician. No man exists who is more delighted with his work. He grins vaguely and wears no protective equipment. He says he works so quickly he stays ahead of the fumes, meanwhile the air was choking even outside the apartment.

It didn’t work the first time. No, I’m not kidding. We had to have him back. After the first spraying we just pissed them off. They took their vengance on my back.

Bed Bug Bites

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  1. This is becoming a major epidemic in the NY area. Being in the mattress industry, I get on average, one person a day needing to change out there mattress because of bed bugs. I came across a company that had something called the New York Bed Bug Kit. I can’t remember who was selling it…you would have to do a google search. It was a do it yourself type of deal.

  2. Home Clean Home teams of bedbug management ,are trained to eliminate bedbugs, we have been in business since 1993. Home Clean Home was voted the best cleaning company in Brooklyn; we pride ourselves with quality of work, and price efficient service. While some companies overprice the customers, we would like to share our extensive experience, and find the service to suite all needs.
    Getting rid of bedbug Success will depend on your cooperation. Allow the technicians access to inspect the apartment thoroughly, focusing on the bedrooms, and finding hiding places. Clean and get rid of clutter to eliminate their shelter. Pesticide bedbugs in the entire area, At times the mattress can’t be salvaged we can get rid of the old mattress and get a new mattress, and pillows at wholesale price, all must be covered with a bedbug proof covers which we can provide at wholesale price as well. Repairs all cracks, seal the crevices in order to eliminate their shelter, caulking will work well in many areas, bedbug infested laundry need to be washed in extreme temperatures; cold or hot. Last, because that when they feed for about five to ten minutes at night, they’ll remain in hiding for several days while digesting the meal and can survive for about six months without feeding, eggs hatch in about ten days, all those facts emendate for service plans, depending on ones needs.

    Bed bugs cleaning method; primarily we use all natural, steam cleaning, and high suction vacuum. We find the hiding places in the daytime and try to determine the severity of problem. Early in infestation bed bugs are likely to be found only about the seams, tufts or folds of mattresses or daybed covers, but later they spread to crevices in the bedsteads. In severe infestation, they may be found behind baseboards, window and door casings, pictures and picture frames, in furniture, loosened wallpaper, and cracks.
    Service area; all the five borough of New York, including Long Island, and parts of NY State.

    for more information visit our website

  3. The bug buried in skin is a microscopic mange mite or scabies mite, an arachnid (not an insect like bedbugs)

    It is not true that everyone has bedbugs. It is true that everyone has completely harmless creatures such as dust mites and follicle mites, which are also arachnids.

    I can’t believe how grossly misinformed so many people are about the natural world. Does nobody ever read about animals anymore? They’re a big part of the planet and you’re just a click away from all the research you would ever need.

  4. OMG!!!!! I found out about a six weeks ago that I had bed bugs. I only found two of them in my bed along with a shell that apparently they shed as they are growing. I have had the exterminator come three times now as well as bombed, bagged all the bed in the house, steamed cleaned the furniture, reduced clutter and even went as far as pouring boric acid down in my couch. I have treated the cats with frontline, laundered everything so much that i can’t even count anymore and apparently cumpulsively cleaning my house is now my full time job! I called off from work the other day just to steam clean everything. I already have OCD about cleanliness and this is only making it worse. The good news is, I think I may actually be rid of them. I slept in my bed for the last two nights and haven’t gotten any new bites. I also did a little searching for home remedies for these awful bugs and found out that spraying stuff with alcohol is an option. Don’t really know if it works, but if there was any germs on any of my stuff, there aren’t anymore. The exterminator told me today that alcohol is the main ingredient of the spray that he uses. If you do use it, you may have to leave the house for awhile because the smell really started to get to me. I hear that you can get rid of them, and I refuse to let them take over my house. So don’t give up, we are smarter than they are!

  5. I just get some new mattress home.Actually my friend gave me this new mattress w wood frames everything.He never sleep on this bed or somewhereelse neither.He just had this bed in case somebody come to visit him.After 3 days sleeping on this mattreess my left arm,and back is full w red spots,and scratch like crazy.Some body told me i have bed bugs.I check every littlle inch w light and lent detctor.I did not find anything,no blood neither.I sprayed dog lices,mites and fleas poison.I left my covers and pillows inside my bath w dog shampoo for mites and fleas all nite long on the water.I still kipping have some new bites on my left arm.I changed my diet between all that.I eat sun flower seeds for the first time,also i have a new natural suplements like a pill for skin,hair and nails.So…I don`t know ecxatelly what happen on me.I fells like throw away allmy furnitures,rugs etc…I fells like movie from my apartament.I`m going to the doctor to see whats going on.I have a question.Can bed bugs put eggs inside my skin?Thanks for all your attention and,please pray for me.

  6. @Marcelo Nope, bedbugs don’t get under your skin. They have a needle on the front of their mouth and they suck your blood through that. You should probably call an exterminator, and get rid of that mattress. Really hot water can kill them, but normal insecticides usually aren’t powerful enough.

    @TATUM Sounds like you did just the right thing, getting rid of their hiding spots.

  7. how can U tell if U have bed bugs I am getting biten every night and I am wondering what it is please HELP I really need to know.

  8. Hi everybody !!!
    I am very sure that we have something in our apartment. i don’t know if they are fleas, bed bugs or dust mites. Since the very first week we moved here, I felt stung, we told to our land lord and she said there was nothing before us. anyway she brought an exterminator twice, but the problem still. I continued to feel bites , so I bought poison and i put it, but I still feel bites. I don’t not what to do. We are living here nine months ago.
    THANK YOU !!!

  9. hey u need to clean your bed and sheet so u can not get them or any thing yea i do to we have not founnd no one yet so can u help me

  10. HI! Nichole,i have a problem, im not completley sure is it i bed bugs but they are bites that a farley big, different sizes looks a bit like a mosquito bite and they always have these rashes around them. I had then bafore as i said and sometimes they had the rases and sometimes they didnt. ow i have them again and both have rashes but i found a couple that look more lie mosquito bites so im not focusing too much on them. There is on closest to my arm pit and one around my forearm.So far i only have 2 that i know of and im frigen scared to sleep in my bed but i need help identifying what kind of bites they are. Please reply i hate these creepy things and i would hate to have them all the time and be itchy. Oh and at first they are not itchy but after a while i will notice but the only cream i have is lanacane and it wors on these. Please help me. THEY ARE BUGGING ME!!!! :(

  11. Had them cost me 700.00 all together to get rid of them/ guy came out total of 3 times/ I washed and dried everything I threw out sofa and bagged mattresses but that did the job

  12. It is true that some people don’t react to bed bug bites. Also, the bugs sometimes prefer their familiar host. Heat rather than cold is what scientifically proven to kill them. When drying laundry, do so on high heat, and continue drying about 20 minutes past the point where clothing is bone-dry.
    The best and most scientifically proven source of information is you can ask questions there also.

  13. I just baught i used matress, because i can’t afford one. And i started to notice these really itchy bites all over my body. A friend jokingly suggested that it was bed bugs, do anyone know a home remedy, or cheap way, to get rid of the without getting rid of my matress. please help i cant sleep with the thought of bugs in my bed.

  14. I wanted to know can someone bring bedbugs to your house? I sleep on the same bed as my aunt but I am the only one that gets the bites and feel them on me sometimes. Could they be on only one side of the bed?

  15. I have been finding bites on my ankles the past few days. The first two times I noticed them in the early evening. This morning I woke up with 3 bites in a row on my ankle. My husband does not have any. I stripped by bed and have found nothing. The bites are small and red. Itchy at first but subsides after an hour or so. Now I cannot even see them. What are the chances I have bed bugs and if they are, what can I do if I can’t find them.

  16. We just recently found out we have bed bugs….we dissposed of the bed we found them in and are not trying to clear out the clutter in our childrens room…. Do we need to clean there toys a special way after finding the bed bugs…and money is tight and we do not have the money for an exterminator so what the best alternative to get rid of these nasty bugs.


  17. would like to know if anyone has had an allergic reaction to a bed bug bite? had severe chest pains, difficulty breathing especially when laying down. noticed the three bites on my neck, and had slept in two hotel rooms just previous to the symptoms.

  18. What I have learned about bed bugs. They love wood, don’t like painted surfaces. Plastic sheets are a tremendous help. Wiping the sores with alcohol is a big help. Putting boric acid on the bed rails and around the sides of your walls/floors can help. They can be anywhere, but most likely in a newly acquired chair, or dresser, especially if you drag them home from the curb or second hand store. And, most of all, you may not have bed bugs at all. Try combing your hair with boiling water and a lice comb and tapping the water out each time you go through your hair. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Chairs, floors, bed. I even patted down my mattress with duct tape. I don’t know what I had/have, but it is subsiding. Just keep at it, and when all else fails, call in the exterminator. gw.

  19. I had bedbugs in my old apartment. i did what the exterminator told me to do wash everything cloth in hot water and dry it,then he told me to vacumme all the corners of the walls and floor. Then he sprayed and we couldnt come in the house for 4 hours and i had everything packed. i couldnt stand the fact that they were biting my son to! So we moved to diffrent apartments, and what do u know bout 2 months of living in the apartment we are getting eating again. i am so discusted with this shit! I just baught my new furniture befor all these bed bugs and they have ruined all of it! (WHAT CAN I DO)

  20. I have bedbugs as well. I just moved in 5 days ago but I am very allergic to insect bites and stings so when they bit me the first time…I noticed. I have been staying here the past 3 days and have been bitten every night thereafter. I did not have this problem prior to moving in here so I am aware that these pests were left behind from the previous renter…thank you very much. My son seems to have my type of allergies, based on how he reacts to mosquito bites, and I have not seen any bites on him…thank God! I will be contacting my landlord on Monday to notify him of this issue. I hope I can keep my mattress because I spent a mint on it and cannot afford a new one. I’m hoping because it’s a new problem I will be able to. We’ll see. Just thought I’d share my troubles as well. The bites are in paths and look like mosquito bites, and itch ferociously. I have found that using cotton to swab vinegar on the bites relieves the itching and the bugs don’t like to feed in those areas (they were feeding horribly on my ankles then they fed on my wrist and shoulder after I used the vinegar)….maybe I should just bathe in it…lol. I understand the frustration all of you are going through and hope your bedbug problems get eradicated as well as my own, good luck to all of you ;-)

  21. i have bed bugs could not get rid of them..pest control came by twice did not work i had to throw everything away by a smoger and fog the hole place i have not seen a bug since but i still trip out and itch when i think about them…..any hardware store has one….keep checking ur matters and rub your body down with hydrocordizone no more itch no bits

  22. JUDY- that is weird because i have been experiencing chest pain, especially when i lay down. it started just before i noticed the bites. i figured it was some horrible heartburn?? maybe it is just heartburn :/ but that is a strange coincidence! maybe it is actually some allergic reaction to bed bugs??
    anybody else have a similar story?

  23. Yeah that close up picture of the bug under the skin, is actually called Scabies, those are scabies, that burrow under the skin, and they are in fact easier to get rid of, then bed bugs are, for scabies its like the same process as lice, (the bug that infests the hair), there is poison you have to buy to rub on your skin to kill them, just like how you need to buy poison for you hair to kill lice. Bed bugs are the king of human infesting bugs, If I had to choose I would want to trade my bed bugs for scabies, as they are easier to get rid of. Please try not to get bed bugs mixed up with Scabies, because Scabies needs a certain poison to rub on your skin to kill them, unlike bed bugs. But they both bite you just as much, and bites can resemble each others, so make sure of what you have, a trick to tell if its scabies, is to pour a little rubbing alcohol on the scab, and it will have a little reaction, like seep into the skin, like its hollow. Also Scabies like to go where you sweat, for example under the arms, in between your leg and private parts, and other fav places are between the fingers and toes, on the stomach, and always on and around the wrist. This is my first bed bug problem, I’am 24 with two kids, and I just suddenly got bit one day, and it looked like mosquito bites, Then the next night around 10.00pm, I went in the room to check on my baby, and noticed a lady bug on the blanket, I was like aaawwww, a lady bug, and I got up and turned on the light to go see it, and I screamed at the sight of it! aaahhhhh! eeewww! Thats not a lady bug!!!!???? I have never seen a more disgusting creature in all my life. I got some toilette paper and picked it up, I squeezed it good, Splat! eeewww! blood splattered the toilette paper in my hand! and the bug was still alive? it turned into a flat light brownish beetle like thing? so I flushed it hoping it would not grow gills and fins and swim back up the pipes. I was concerned about what I had found so I went on line and searched for it in images, as beetles that bite you in bed, and sure enough found bed bugs, I went hunting after that and found nothing, I called the super told him the story, and he called a exterminator the next day, I left with the kids, and stayed at my moms, after preparing for the infumigation, it happend the next day at around 12pm and I stayed away for a few days, then came back and cleaned every nook and cranny, and vacumed up the wazoo, did 20! loads of laundry, washed all the toys, and rearranged my whole apartment, the whole time the father of my kids, and his family, were saying I was crazy, and getting mad at me, for doing this after finding only one bug. They did not help at all, I did it all by myself. The super said they did not find anything, and still sprayed, so I thought it was all clear to get the kiddies and come back home. Its been about a week, and I have not had any bites, untill now. Iam freaking, since my little insident
    I have been having anxiety attacks over seeing a piece of fuzz from the corner of my eye, I feel like everything I see is a bed bug, and all my efforts to not get infested have failed. I feel itchy even when nothing is there. I just noticed three little red specs, two on my chest, on either side of the top of my breasts, and one on my neck, they are itchy, but they do not seem the same as before, they are not welts, there not puffy at all like they were before? and they are far apart, so can they be bed bug bites? or am I just paranoid? Also I would love to know where they came from? do I even stand a chance to get rid of them if someone else in my apartment building has them? or did they hitchhike here? I feel like running away, Iam sooo overwelmed!

  24. hey, my name is heather, ive lived in the same apt. with my mom, step-dad and boyfriend for 9 years, i have never had a problem. 2 1/2 months ago i started to get bit, but my bites arent red, their white and red around the raised area. like i said i have never ever had a problem, other than roaches, but thats just the ghetto. ive been to the dr. he gave me a useless cream and thought it was mosquitos. me and mom had been debating i thought it was mosquitos because next to our building there was a new mosquito infestation which happened at the same time as my bites, my mom thought that it was stress. finally 2 nights ago i wake up to see this little muthaf*cka crawling away from me with a full stomach. i squished him and a puddle of blood came out, thinking that i had killed him i went to the living room to sleep for the night, when i realized i needed my phone i went back in to find the bug that i thought was dead just crawling away, probably laughing at me. my bed is brand new and its spacial made for my back problems, we are on social security and didnt even have the money for this bed, we cant afford to throw it out, what do i do? i cant even enter my room and when i do i find more. i have found 4 of these b@$t@rds since yesterday… what do i do i know that the treatments are pricey and liked i said we do not have the money…someone please help us, i dont know what to do and it itches so badly that i make myself bleed…BADLY!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!!!

  25. Hello, I’m confused!!!
    I’ve been getting these mosquito like bug bites for a month now, and usually notice new ones when waking up in the morning. My first thought was bed bugs and was horrified. My room is pretty cluttered and disgusting so I ripped off all my bedding and washed everything, checked in boxes and everywhere it says to on the internet. Found absolutely nothing that looks like a bed bug. When I stripped all my bedding off there was a little, slow moving bug that I thought was a bed bug but after looking at pictures I noticed that it didn’t look anything like it (plus I thought bed bugs moved really fast). It had short legs and a light coloured body. I found shedded skins of bugs around the room but nothing alive. I don’t know where the crap they are! I even cut open my box spring to check in there but it was clean and clear. I’m moving in a month and a half and planned on throwing out my futon cushon and mattress anyways, whether they are bed bugs or not. Most of my clothes as well. I guess I’m just asking if anyone might know what these bugs might be. If maybe they ARE bed bugs of some kind? I have no idea…
    Any advice would be great.

  26. All of those images make the bed bugs look enormous when in reality they are almost impossible to see.

    although, not being able to see them doesnt seem to make them any less of an issue.

    I can’t wait for the day when someone discovers a way to kill these things.

    Buit as far as I know they are the only thing that could survive a nuclear blast. Be bugs and twinkies.

  27. I have been infested by bed bugs a couple of times. One was when my sister was living with us and the room she was in was always a mess. Bed bugs tend to hide in messes so it is good to keep rooms clean. We just move a couple months ago and when we moved my Lil sisters bed…we were disgusted. Well we found something that kills them on the spot, is cheep and safe for babys. If you spray RUBBING ALCOHOL on them…They will die.

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