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  • Twitter polls for developer sentiment

    Twitter polls for developer sentiment

    Yesterday, I wrote about how I reason about developer needs and the kinds of data I take into account. Unsurprisingly, many of you wondered what kind of twitter polls I was talking about. Between 100 and 2000 developers answered most of these questions. BIG CAVEAT: twitter polls have issues like no demographics info, audience bias,…

  • Reflows & Repaints: CSS Performance making your JavaScript slow?

    I’ve been tweeting and posting to delicious about reflows and repaints, and it seemed time for a blog post. Opera lists repaint and reflow as one of the three main contributors to sluggish JavaScript, so it definitely seems worth a look. Reflows are very expensive in terms of performance, and is one of the main…

  • High Performance Ajax Applications

    Julien Lecomte presented his research into High Performance Ajax Applications. If you prefer there is also a video on YDN.