It's a boy!

Vishal Chidhatma Haas

Vishal Chidhatma Haas came to live with us on Saturday.  He was born on 27 June 2004.  He weighs just over three kilos.

He likes to play and bounces around when he's excited.  Unfortunately the breeders had trained him to go the the bathroom on a small square of carpet, and as we have wall to wall I'm sure you can imagine the difficulty.  We take him outside, and he looks around, sniffs some things, and then asks to come back inside when he needs to pee.

Our friends suggested his name-that-begins-with-a-V should be Vomito after we discovered on the ride home that he gets car sick.  He threw up all over my jeans, his carrier, and our friends garden.  It was impressive.  Luckily I caught it with my legs or it would have been our friends car that got slimed.

We were happy to discover today that we don't have to massage his testicles every day.  The breeders husband, a strange guy with his pink shirt unbuttoned down to his waist and enough chest hair that he began to resemble his dogs, suggested that his biker friend had a testicle become lodged somewhere it shouldn't and thus we must take precautions with our dog.  The veterinarian could not confirm the value of this practice.