When I'm happy and having fun I rarely seem to find the time to record the events of my life.  I'd like to make an exception.  I'm trying to design this site so that it is easy to maintain.

My new homepage is finally launched!  I've been working on it a long time, so the old one was hopelessly out of date!  I've learned a lot in the since 2000 when I wrote the old one.  I hope it shows!  A reviewer said of the paintings of Prince Harry that the use of red and black indicated an emotional and artistic immaturity.  I think its just easier to match red and black then to pick the perfect complimentary orange and blue (but I won't try to make claims about my maturity!)

I'm trying to be accessible, so if you find something I've overlooked please don't hesitate to mail me.  If this font is too small, you can choose from two larger options at top right, and I've even added a high contrast selection.