Example Long Description for TitlePage.png ~ For blind and visually-impaired users

This screen introduces the student to the book "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?".

In the background is a library filled with books, and a comfortable purple armchair.  In a yellow bar across the top are the typical controls found in the library.  At left is the Student's Name.  In the center are buttons for Points, Quiz, Teacher, Set-up, and Help. On the right side there is a button for microphone quality [is this what that is?] and in the top right corner a red button used to Quit the Reader.

Note: If you have previously described the library you should not re-expain every feature, but rather Include the phrase "In a yellow bar across the top are the typical controls found in the library." and make the word library a link to the more general long description.

In a column on the left hand side is an orange bar which displays the Version of the Soliloquy Reading Assistant that you are using.  Below that is a table listing the books available to read and the Power Points the student can earn and has already earned for each book.  The books available are "The River Otter" 24 points, "We are a Rainbow" 14 points, and "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" 8 points.  This student has not yet read any books so no Power Points have been earned.

On the right side of the screen we see the cover illustration for "Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf".  It is a grinning wolf dressed up in grandma's blue nightgown and cap, with pink curlers in his hair and mean blue eyes.  At the top right hand corner we see a blue box with shiny yellow stars which indicates the number of Power Points the student can earn by reading this selection.  It reads "Power Points - 008". [as this paragraph describes the only thing that differs between this screen and other library screens, probably the real long description would only include this.  But as it was an example I chose to describe everything -- do you think I've made it clear enough that being this long winded would not generally be necessary?  :)  ]

At the bottom in the center is a gray button, "Read it now!" which the student should select when they are ready to read the book.

In the bottom right corner is a golden circular button with a white arrow that says "Return to Sign In".

Note: Button functions are described in the text of the document, therefore, we can describe only where to find them and rely on the context to explain the rest.

Note:  Images should not be included in long descriptions.  This one is included so that we may compare against the text.