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Yahoo! Developer Day Conference

It is hard to remember not to make any mention of pants, even if I know what it means in British English. Beyond telling Murray Rowen that I liked his underwear in front of a crowd of people, I recently went to London to speak at the Front-end Summit being held there. I gave two talks. The first was High Performance Websites in particular the impact of choices made by front-end engineers. Andy Bud was liveblogging the event that day. The second talk was about Architecting High Performance CSS.

Rasmus spoke after me on the first day. I was pleased because I was able ping him about the security implications of using CSS expressions.

Christian Heilman gave me a lot of pointers about successfully teaching people. It was great to get advice from an ElF. He gave a talk on writing engaging tutorials. I’ve since found another site with writing tips via Stoyan’s blog. Perhaps I’ll get back to my CSS Architecture book in 2008.

One of my favorite parts of the week was geeking with Ed Eliot after my session on Friday. We agree about perhaps 90% of the things we talk about, but the last 10%… well, let’s just say it generates creative discussion. Luckily, I’m right about the remaining 10%, so it is just a matter of time before I convince him. In fact, he gave me some feedback on my blocks project that helped me to refine the case I’m making for it.

Of course I met a ton of other people, they’ve really assembled an amazing team in London. I would strongly recommend checking out the slides.