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I’ve found the North Pole. J’ai trouvé le pole nord.

Map of the crazy Christmas lights in Redwood City

In fact it is in California, not so far from my house. En fait il se situe en Californie, pres de chez moi.

Somerville, pres de Boston, ou j’ai fait mes etudes est connu pour leurs fetes de lumiere de fin d’année. La maison avec les palmiers en lumiere est celle de mes amis Phi et Rachel.

En Californie ils ont tout a fait autant lumieres mais leurs maisons sont plus petite donc ca brille encore plus. You can visit the neighborhood using the Tour the Crazy Christmas Lights Map.

Best Red White and Blue that didn’t include a flag:

Crazy Christmas lights in Redwood City

Best crazy use of lawn ornaments:

Very well lit Christmas house in Redwood City

Best equal opportunity Jesus/Santa house:

Crazy Christmas lights in Redwood City

They put my house to shame, but I do really like our Christmas tree. I would only say that they really look smaller on the lot than they do once they’re in your living room. Best to measure. Hugo is always right.

More of our Christmas lightsHugo, Clover, and our big-ass Christmas tree