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The bichon frise of our lives.

Discovering Your Tail

My Bichon has discovered his tail, or rather, from his persepective, someone has attached a pompom toy to his back. It has been there for fourteen months, how could he have missed such a goodie. Last night he ran around in circles, this lovely toy always just beyond reach. Faster and faster he whirled until somehow, he managed to grab it in his mouth. He noticed he was being watched, so he stopped to look pleased with himself and grin at us. Yes, he grins.

He has done something we call “crazy dog” since he was a little puppy. Crazy dog is a sort of running snorting turning thing, all at top speed. He was just so pleased with himself that he launched into crazy dog, but having done so many revolutions his balance wasn’t what he was expecting. He ran BLAP directly into his plastic dog house. Head first. Tiffanie thinks he is a petit malin, but this wasn’t his finest moment.

Why don’t you challenge the trimming?

I’m soaked, the bathroom is soaked, several towels are soaked. Yes, my bichon has had a bath. I’ve learned to wash him without wearing any pants because I end up so wet that my clothes are unsalvageable.

He is a bichon fortement type. Which means he really looks like a bichon frise. This makes me want to keep him looking good, but whatever silly white frizzy coat he has, he is a dog. He likes poop, especially to roll in it or eat it. He walks along dragging his white beard on the Parisian streets. I should say, his black beard. And, his little underbelly is a magnet for urine when he lifts his leg to pee.

Last time I took him to the toilleteur, but she cut his hair like a little poodle, awful. So I am back to doing it myself. I use this great japanese website to help me challenge the trimming.