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Free to Be You And Me

Free to Be You and Me Album CoverI’m going back even further here. I think Free to Be You and Me must have been my first album. I remember it playing alongside Kenny Rogers (Lady was my mothers favorite song) and Casey Jones, which I’m a little surprised to find out is a Greatful Dead song because I thought I’d never heard them until a week after Jerry died. Now that seems kind of impossible. My dad loved that song. He and my mum would joke about cleaning cobwebs out of the corners with each others favorite albums.

The first songs I remember hearing on the radio and liking were Lucky Star (1983) by Madonna, The Warrior (1984) by Scandal, and Missing You (1984) by John Waite. I was between six and seven years old and yet I never forgot the impression these first songs made on me. I was an 80’s pop junkie despite my parents best attempts to get me to listen to better music.

Arthur’s Theme

My sister used to play Arthur’s Theme by Christopher Cross on the clarinet and our enormous mutt, Sam would howl along with her at the bottom of the stairs. I need to figure out if it is possible to link to the music snippets on iTunes music store. Hearing this stuff again is fabulous, even if its just little excerpts.

Rollerskating at church camp

Def Leppard’s Pour some sugar on me reminds me SO much of rollerskating at church camp. The next year they changed the music to all Christian bands… but that first year was excellent. I still remember the boy who I invited to the banquet — I was a tomboy and practically ran him over on my skates. Years later he joined the millitary and I got a letter from him, but, as I guess is common in the millitary, he got moved multiple times and my response eventually got mailed back to me with five or six forwarding addresses and then a return to sender.


Alexandra has found her wedding dress. She asked me to be her temoine, something like a bridesmaid without the pink taffeta, last week and I happily accepted. I’d love to post a picture of her beautiful dress but we don’t want Etienne to see it!

Extroverted !?!

But I’m and INFP! I just retook the Myers Briggs test, and granted at this point I know a little bit too much about it to be sure it is objective, but I scored extroverted. Kind of. I got a 1. I took the test once before moving to France and then again after being here for a while in a much less social situation, and I had become even more introverted. Taking it now after I’ve begun to settle into life here and I’ve scored slightly extroverted.

I’m not sure I believe it, I’m still someone that goes for breaks to hide out and be alone for a bit during social situations, but then, I do enjoy social situations.

Today’s results:

Your Type is ENFP.


  2002 2003 2005
Introverted / Extroverted 33 67 1 (E)
Intuitive 67 78 62
Feeling 33 22 38
Perceiving 44 44 44