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Stubbornella joins the exceptional performance team at Yahoo!

Today was my first day at Yahoo. I spent most of the day in orientation but I am already impressed with the culture. People seem genuinely happy and able to make working hard a part of living well. And damn they’re smart! Fabulous well-rounded geeks. I know, I know, it sounds like I’ve been drinking the kool-aide.

Their site has website performance information and houses the Yslow Firefox extension.

Améliore la vitesse de vos sites web avec le YSlow extension pour Firefox.

Yahoo a sorti l’extension Firebug, YSlow, qui teste la vitesse des téléchargements et qui donne des recommandations basé sur les 14 Règles primordial pour des sites rapide.

Dans mon travaille j’ai pu tester certaine des paramètres, parmi eux; le nombre des hits sur le serveur, des expressions dans le CSS, gzip, et minify. J’ai eu des bons résultats avec des changements sur les sites grands commerciaux.

En particulier, J’ai eu des améliorations de vitesse de chargement d’approxima 25% quand j’ai combiné des images plus petites pour réduire le nombre des hits sur le serveur pour les images css, par exemple :

  1. Les quatre coins d’un boit a coin arrondis
  2. Les deux cotes ; gauche, droite, et les trois états ; courant, hover, et normale des onglets.

YSlow à trois vues principale :

  • Performance – des notes pour ton site web basé sur les critères principales.
  • Statistiques – la différence entre ton page avec et sans cache.
  • Components – indique les informations utiliser pour tester ton site ; type, url, Expires, Gzip, temps de réponse, taille gzip et non, et Etag.

Improve download speed with YSlow Firefox extension

Yahoo has released the much awaited (by me at least!) YSlow firebug extension which tests download speed and gives recommendations based on the famous 14 rules for fast web pages.

In my work I have been able to test a few of these parameters; including the number of hits on the server, expressions in the CSS files, gzip, and minify. I’ve had great results with changes made on high volume websites especially with reductions in the number of http requests for images called from the css.

In particular I’ve seen around 25% improvements in download speed when I combined the images for the four corners of a rounded corner box, and included larger images which hold all states of an element in addition to all sides.

YSlow has several views :

  • Performance – grades your website based on the rules for fast web pages.
  • Stats – shows you the difference between your page load with our without cache.
  • Components – indicates the information used to test your site; Type, URL, Expires, Gzip, Response Time, Size (Ungzip), and ETag