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Granite Pastry Island

Granite Pastry IslandJennifer loves to bake, and everyone loves to keep Jennifer baking. She is a wonderful cook, and her pastrys are particularly tasty. Last year I made a granite pastry island to keep her crusts cool as she works the dough.

We bought a basic island from Kitchens etc. to keep the project economical. I then tiled the top with granite tiles from Roma Tile Co. in Watertown. We used a strong dark gray sandless grout with silicone to seal the tiles to one another. I then put a white maple border around the top and routed a 45 degree angle to give a lighter feel to the edge.

The gap between the maple and the tile was sealed with a matching silicone caulking to allow for expansion and contraction of the wood without cracking. With several coats of varnish and sanding to protect the wooden border from heavy use the Pastry Island was workable.