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By me and others.

The Gates

Jeanne-Claude and Christo’s installation in Central Park is appealling to me, even if I am so GEEKY that the title made me think of Bill. Her description of it is even more so. We often try to hard to put art into words, or make it about ideas — but I’ll let her say it:

Our works of art are like all good art.

It is good for absolutely nothing else than being a work of art. It is not the symbol, it is not the message, it’s only a work of art.

~ Jeanne-Claude

Madhat Kakei

Julien and I went to the Swedish cultural center where we had a brunch of soup and split a sandwich. My orange saffron cake was delicious and the surprise of meeting le vieux et Yolene (sp?) was very pleasant. Hugo was incapacitated at home with a terrible flu that he would pass to me just after getting better himself.

There were some strange, not quite uni-colored paintings above the bar and table area. One in particular caught my eye. Julien m’a dit que c’etait une partie d’une exhibition de la galerie danoise, alors apres le brunch nous avons marches la pour voir tous le tableaux. C’etait une exhibition de Maadhat Kakei. Je n’ai pas aimee tous le painture, mais il y a quelleques une qui sont tres interessant.

Je trouve difficile son technique qui donne les resultats simple mais avec un process qui est pas du tout. Je vais essayer a recreer sont technique pour m’aprendre.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Looking at those two photos, of my self portrait, together, I wonder if that one was really the one I made the dots with. I managed somehow to digitally break the original, so I’ll never know. I tried a couple more, of Henri Cartier-Bresson drawn from an article in Newsweek. They had Helmut Newton photograph him to contrast their different styles. Drawing from a photograph is odd, the lighting is often either too soft (in the case of glamor magazines) or too contrasting (in the case of art photography) to be appropriate to draw. In the end I have two decent drawings of older men… but they don’t look particularly like Cartier-Bresson or the lovely photo by Newton. I’ll share anyway.

Drawing of Henri Cartier-Bresson

Second drawing of Henri Cartier-Bresson