Outerlands is a lovely place to have brunch before a day at the beach. They bake homemade bread which is absolutely yummy. It is a small place run by a lovely couple who are very busy at their successful restaurant.

Me (omg!): You have to bake bread every day?

Owner (happy smile): No, I get to bake bread every day.

That’s how I feel about code. I would do the very same thing even if no one paid me at all. Lucky for me, this thing I love to do is also my work.

4 thoughts on “Bread”

  1. well, sometimes i wish i didnt love coding so much. Or i didnt want to prove to the whole world that leadership is more important then pressure in projects. My #WorkLifeBalance would be in much better shape then … :-)

  2. Exactly what I have been saying for fifteen years, from the time when the IBM-PC was made available, to the time when I retired. Precisely I used to say “If my Company (i.e. Big Blue) knew, they would not pay me for doing the job”.
    Sorry for the poor english, not E1L (english not my first language).

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