Vote for me at SXSW! – performance panel

Vote for me at SXSW!

Website performance is still very much in it’s infancy. Most performance experts come from a traditional engineering background and yet, as Steve Souders showed in his book, the front end is responsible for more than 80% of end user response time.

I was excited when Ed Eliot asked me to be a part of a SXSW web performance experts panel, not only because he and I always have really excellent conversations, but also because of the quality of the people who are on board for the panel. The panelists are uniquely positioned to speak to the concerns of web developers. In addition to being performance experts, we are front-end engineers — as yet a rare combination. In our day to day work, we have experienced the pain points we’ll discuss on the panel.

Who will be on the panel?

Ed Eliot, Stoyan Stefanov, Stuart Colville, and I will join forces to talk about website performance including practical solutions to common problems. These guys are brilliant, and the panel should be really fun.


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  1. Really nice!

    I wish I can join this seminar byt I live way from US, in Lebanon.

    Anyway, Goodluck and make sure to link here your ppt file.



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