Surrendering to facebook leads to groundbreaking discovery: Noad

I’ve finally given in and tried it; it feels kind of dirty in a public sort of way. I haven’t started writing about every detail of my private life yet (did anyone else have Cheerios this morning?) and I’ve not yet purchased any ringtones but I feel certain that I’m on the path to internet righteousness; full disclosure, no-holds-barred – all the time. It gives me serious privacy concerns (basically there isn’t any). However, it did allow me to discover a great French rock band. So what the hell, I’ll trade privacy for good music. Well, I wouldn’t twitter even for Noad. That stream of consciousness stuff is what you are supposed to filter out, but I’m now officially on facebook, and I’ve even looked at few myspace pages.

Anyway, I won’t go into some detailed review of their music beyond just saying I like it. I find that French is a better language than English for writing really carefully crafted phrases. More precise when you want to say exactly what you mean like Noad. Of course the sound is what I really like; loud kick ass rock music with moments of calm. After nearly a decade playing together their music is tight enough to allow them to combine opposites. I particularly liked Columbarium, though it is challenging. Enjoy.