I finally tried a Segway!

Nicole trying a Segway

I’ve wanted to try one for years, and i finally got the opportunity today. It rocked every bit as much as I thought it might. Hugo noticed that the “turtle” speed was indicated. I found that it was pretty zippy, which makes me wonder what it would be like on the normal setting.

It made me wonder if a segway could ever climb stairs, because it could be a fabulous thing for people with motor impairment. I wonder why it was invented, what it was originally intended to do? I think I’d still rather ride my bike or roller skate / blade because you really don’t have to make any effort to operate the Segway. There is no exercise involved! You lean slightly in any direction and it goes where you want it to. Fairly magical how it quickly becomes an extension of the human body.

Unlike our fearless leader, I did not fall off my Segway. I have a hard time imagining how he was able to fall off. Anyone capable of moving their arms and standing on a flat surface ought to be able to operate the Segway without any problem.