Extroverted !?!

But I’m and INFP! I just retook the Myers Briggs test, and granted at this point I know a little bit too much about it to be sure it is objective, but I scored extroverted. Kind of. I got a 1. I took the test once before moving to France and then again after being here for a while in a much less social situation, and I had become even more introverted. Taking it now after I’ve begun to settle into life here and I’ve scored slightly extroverted.

I’m not sure I believe it, I’m still someone that goes for breaks to hide out and be alone for a bit during social situations, but then, I do enjoy social situations.

Today’s results:

Your Type is ENFP.


  2002 2003 2005
Introverted / Extroverted 33 67 1 (E)
Intuitive 67 78 62
Feeling 33 22 38
Perceiving 44 44 44