Why don’t you challenge the trimming?

I’m soaked, the bathroom is soaked, several towels are soaked. Yes, my bichon has had a bath. I’ve learned to wash him without wearing any pants because I end up so wet that my clothes are unsalvageable.

He is a bichon fortement type. Which means he really looks like a bichon frise. This makes me want to keep him looking good, but whatever silly white frizzy coat he has, he is a dog. He likes poop, especially to roll in it or eat it. He walks along dragging his white beard on the Parisian streets. I should say, his black beard. And, his little underbelly is a magnet for urine when he lifts his leg to pee.

Last time I took him to the toilleteur, but she cut his hair like a little poodle, awful. So I am back to doing it myself. I use this great japanese website to help me challenge the trimming.