Morgan and the Expanding Container Element

I am working on a site for Mason where he can record his adventures rebuilding a Morgan with his father-in-law. The design is going alright, and I have only two gripes.

  1. First, IE, of course it begins with IE, expands container elements to fit floated content. So the car, rather than bursting from the title bar in a flash of red, sits squarely inside an enormous header. I have found reference to this (the expanding box trick) on Position is Everything, but not how to fix it. I know, I should just get over it and splice the image in two, but I don’t want to!
  2. I don’t love the buttons on the right side. They’ve been changed about a million times, but I still haven’t come up with something that makes me happy.

I don’t really want to use some hack to fix the former. Often they seem to create as many problems as they fix.